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DynamiCard is a revolutionary, credit card thick, plastic postcard with snap-out promotional gift cards, and will boost your response rate 4 times higher then postcards!  4 times higher response then envelopes! 4 times more business…instantly!  The highest response and most measureable returns return in the direct mail industry… and we can prove it!


WE ARE PIN-POINT TARGETEDOur team of mailing list experts carefully identify the ideal geographic area around your business to prospect from. From there we will filter each mailing list to reveal a targeted list of only those prospects most likely to want and afford your products and services. We make certain that 100% of your plastic postcard mailers reach the right audience in the right geographic location.

You sort your mail into 2 piles. One goes straight to the trash can. The other is important such as bills, PLUS mail you find interesting. The DynamiCard, a credit card thick, plastic postcard, with glass like look and personalized pop-out promotional gift card stay out of the trash nearly every time! Plastic postcards work!

DYNAMICARD SNAP-OUT GIFT CARDS ARE HELD ONTO - FOR MONTHSWe associate gift cards with currency. Want immediate response? Mail plastic postcards with snap out gift cards! Prospects simply can’t throw them out! They put the gift card in their wallet with their credit cards and your gift card is right there when they are ready to buy.

DYNAMICARD IS NOT PERCEIVED AS A COUPON Customers don’t want to be seen using a coupon. Coupon books, paper postcards and newspapers can be embarrassing to redeem in front of friends, a date, or even a client. Not DynamiCard plastic postcards. Prospects are never embarrassed redeeming a gift card!

DYNAMICARD CAMPAIGNS ARE MEASUREABLEWhen you advertise, you want to know what happened and why. DynamiCard’s proprietary technology, DynamiScan 2.0, offers just that. This patent pending technology delivers quantifiable, measureable advertising. Your employees effortlessly scan your promotional gift cards as they come in. Then, from your web-based dashboard, DynamiScan reveals everything to you… in real-time! Response rate, gross sales, average ticket, demographics, and much more. With DynamiCard plastic postcards & DynamiScan 2.0 you know your exact response rate, gross sales and more, anytime from anywhere.


If you want to generate four time the number of sales out of every mailing, with the ability to measure your response rate and gross sales online, in real-time, then don’t leave your direct-mail advertising to chance! Mail with the plastic postcard company who consistently delivers the highest response rates in the business.
DynamiCard Plastic Postcard Mailers.

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